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Darah Zeledon is the devoted mom of five and wife of one. When she’s not mothering or “wife‐ing,” she’s an author, inspiring speaker, motivational coach, trained group facilitator and activist.

Darah’s completely fluent in Spanish, holds a B.S. in Psychology, M.A. in International Relations, and is a Certified Life & Success Coach (CLC, CPSC). She joined The Miami Herald’s MomsMiami as a featured blogger in 2010, began writing for the print publication, The Parent Notebook in 2011 as their family editor and founder of the witty and provocative “This Parenting Gig” column, and worked as an editor and features columnist with the South Florida monthly newspaper, the Happy Herald.

Darah’s been featured in local and international media such as: WLRN’s (NPR) Topical Currents radio show, Sun-Sentinel, Plantation Town Times, Associated Press, Deseret News, Sports & Activities Directory, Our City Weston, Weston Lifestyle Magazine, Costa Rica’s La Nación, Radio Monumental, Canál 2, Angie’s Diary, FIU Magazine, Conexiones Internacional and more.

Her debut book, Girl with the Crooked Smile – Stuck in a Moment, was recently reviewed and recommended by the American Association of Suicidology, Florida Initiative for Suicide Prevention and received a 5-Star review from Readers’ Favorite.

She was the recipient of the FISP 2014 Humanitarian Awards for her work as the parent sponsor and co-facilitator of the first and only middle school HOPE Club.

A powerful speaker, Darah shares her riveting story of faith, grit and survival with candor, courage and wit. Adeptly weaving her “Pearls of Wisdom” into her signature story-telling style, Darah reveals what it really takes to weather life’s storms and teaches how you too can emerge stronger, more confident, and more resilient after overcoming hardship.

Darah’s gutsy words and deeds have inspired many to re-frame their optic and tackle life’s toughest moments empowered with renewed energy, insight and vision. And depending on her mood de jour, you’ll usually find this closet comedian swinging wildly between the frivolous and the philosophical on her blog, Twitter feed and Facebook page.

***Darah’s available for book signings and to speak to your book club either in person or via Skype and has a provocative list of book discussion topics that really get people talking.

***Alternatively, if you’re active with a group or organization, or are involved in a high school or college and want to inquire about Darah’s practical and empowering presentations and multi-day Life Skills workshops, simply fill out a contact request here. Thank you!