FISP’s Adam Silverman Memorial HOPE Club Fund


A percentage of all proceeds from both the book and my Girl with the Crooked Smile product line go to the Florida Initiative for Suicide Prevention’s (FISP) Adam Silverman Memorial HOPE Club Fund–named for my youngest brother who took his own life in 2006. SUN, which stands for Solutions Unlimited Now, was brought to South Florida in 2001 in order to help those who were having difficulty dealing with their problems. Such problems oftentimes result in troubles in school, family relationships, and with friends. FISP provides the structured group counseling model SUN problem-solving, life-coping program to groups of tweens and teens in partnership with area high schools and middle schools at no cost to the school or the student. These year-round after school, student-run programs provide students with a safe, confidential, non-judgmental environment to vent, discuss, and work out their problems in order to better manage their lives. Each participating HOPE Club is funded strictly through donations and fundraisers.

Thank you so much for your support!